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Why It’s Time to Invest in Healthcare IT 

Information technology’s role in healthcare has grown tremendously since 2020. Due to patient privacy rights, your medical office should have transparent technology that’s easy to use, but not every office is u...

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How Automation Can Transform Your CPA Firm

In-house tax prep is out! Between the pandemic and technology changing every day, clients are shifting comfortably to remote options. Despite the echoes of fear in 2015, CPA firms aren’t interchangeable with...

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Protect Your Law Firm from a Cyberattack With These Tips

According to the American Bar Association, 25% of respondents to the ABA’s 2021 Legal Technology Survey Report found their firms had experienced a data breach at some time.   The ABA also puts fort...

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Why You Need to Know About the IRS Security Plan

Federal law requires tax preparers to create a written information security plan to protect clients’ data. Data thefts have been on the rise from the Colonial Pipeline hack and T-Mobile’s data breach. Big...

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How Hackers Get Your Business’ Private Data with Maldocs

ThreatPost reports next-gen maldocs are getting more complex as hackers exploit human vulnerability. 2021 was rife with cyberattacks from The Colonial Pipeline hack to the T-Mobile hack. The common denominator ...

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5 Password Cyberattacks You Should Know

Cybercrime is more significant than ever, especially around the holiday season. According to a report by IBM, 2021 had the highest average cost in data breaches in 17 years. And you guessed it; c...

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Educate Your Employees about Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to educate your employees about cybersecurity than now. Your employees are the first line of defense against cyberattacks and your system’s g...

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Effectively Protect Your Business from Ransomware

Ransomware: It’s a costly cybercrime that has severe implications for businesses of any size. Just look back to May, when hackers pried into the networks of the Colonial Pipeline using a comprise...

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Why IT Services are Necessary for Hybrid Workplaces

Prior to the COVID era, operations and business development professionals were already talking about how hybrid workplaces were the future of work following the ubiquity of cloud-based software and other digita...

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Compliance struggles to keep pace with mobile tech in workplace

By Aly McDevitt Mon, Nov 18, 2019 4:11 PM Virtually three-quarters of organizations (74 percent) allow employees to use their personal mobile devices at work, according to the “Electronic Communications Co...