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How Automation Can Transform Your CPA Firm

How Automation Can Transform Your CPA Firm

In-house tax prep is out! Between the pandemic and technology changing every day, clients are shifting comfortably to remote options.

Despite the echoes of fear in 2015, CPA firms aren’t interchangeable with technology. In fact, less than 5% of current occupations were replaced by automation.

Digital technology improves the user-experience and data management between both client and accountant. Accountants are going virtual, and your firm should too!

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All Hail the Cloud and Automation 

The use of cloud technology reduces waste and lowers costs by improving operational efficiency, collaboration, communication, and implements better data-security.

Every client should be attached to cloud accounting software. The sooner you implement a system, the better your accounting firm will perform. In one sleek process, automation will fold into your daily routine.

Human error is unavoidable with tedious tasks like data-entry. However, automation can make your CPA firm that much more efficient and strike out any error.

From eliminating tedious labor like data entry and three-way matching to automatic payment systems, accountants have the newfound ability to focus on tasks that technology cannot replace – creativity and strategy.

With freedom to focus on guiding your clients, accountants and automation are a match made in heaven.

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What Is the Best Automation Software for CPA Firms?

There are a variety of software to choose from for your automation needs. We’ve narrowed down our top nine suggestions from small to enterprise CPA firms.

For Small Business and Freelancers

For Enterprise Companies

For Project Management Systems

For Payment Automation and Spend Management

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How Can I Get My CPA Firm into the Digital Age?

Go Kall IT offers premiere remote IT services all under one monthly fee. With no surprise costs or fees, you can rest assured that we are doing the most for your CPA firm. Contact us to jumpstart your accounting firm today.